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Hi! I'm Mary Collette

Do you want to start eating better?  Then let me share some simple, surefire advice: Start by making better meals!  

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Pretty simple advice, right?  But it might seem as far away as the moon if you don't feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Or you just don't like to cook, don't have time, or are just bored silly with meal making.

That's why I'm here. My KitchenSmart® Solution will help you get cooking and get healthy.  Watch your kitchen become your best friend and ally for making the  deliciously health-giving meals you--and your body--crave.


Meal making transformation–the secret for achieving a sustainable, doable lifestyle of healthy meal making and eating

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Experiment and experience the joy of making meals that serve your health with 2 free tools

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Be clear about what you really want from meal times. Encouraging stories and articles + handy forms, quizzes, and podcasts to help you set effective resolutions for meal making success

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High-quality live and online programs to help you get KitchenSmart® and keep discovering, doing and growing.  See how meal making can be engaging, successful, health-giving and fun  


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Mary Collette, has been in the healthy meal making and eating field for over 25 years. Previously a corporate attorney, she has found deep satisfaction supporting busy people who are ready for more: more deliciously nourishing meals, more in the way of a weight you feel good about, and more of the good energy and health so you can do what you love, follow your passions and make your best contribution to friends, family and community.  

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Your Healthy Kitchen Companion Our Unique Approach: The KitchenSmart Solution®

Because “there’s more to cooking than just cooking”

The 60/40


Struggling to get good meals on the table? You’re likely missing 60% of the successful meal making equation!

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With these missing strategies, you’ll enjoy 100% meal making success

It’s all about getting KitchenSmart®

Your key to health meal making that totally manageable, satisfying and successful

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Free Resources  Feeding ourselves well is an ever engaging,interesting and creative journey!

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Big Picture Nutrition

Seeing the forest despite the trees

Wouldn't it be great to know if you're eating healthy?  To not be held hostage to the latest food fads, celebrity foods or scientific studies?  Don't get defeated by confusion about what's healthy and what's not and give up on the healthy eating journey.  Listen to "Big Picture Nutrition," and discover how eating well is easier than you think--and how making healthful meals is entirely understandable and doable by ordinary home cooks.

45 min audio presentation with Nicolett Miller, Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach,

Eating Psychology Teacher and Nutritional Therapist & Counselor


Don't be Enslaved Another Day!

Cravings aren't random, uncontrollable events; they stem from identifiable causes that we can do something about.  Discover why we get cravings and the key to avoid being trapped by them.  Leave this podcast feeling hopeful  That you aren't chained to your cravings, and that you know and are ready to take some solid, actionable steps to confidently leave them behind.

  30-min audio presentation with Julie Thenelll, nutritional therapist,

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®


The link between good nutrition

 and healthy meal


How to Cook Chicken Breasts . . .

. . . so they’re tender and moist, not dry and tough

Get a taste of our hands-on, practical classes. This mini-session that addresses a common problem:  Chicken breasts are a great low-fat protein, but they can taste like shoe leather if not cooked right.  Discover 7 easy steps for tender, moist chicken–and even cook along with me in your kitchen and have a yummy, 100% healthy meal in just 25 minutes!

25 min video class with Nicolett Miller, Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach,

and Nutritional Therapist

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Strategies and tips for making allergy-safe food that tastes good, too

Food restrictions can feel like a death sentence for your taste buds–at first.  With time, they can open the door to a technicolor world of new and interesting foods and flavors. This article and the previous one share some of the strategies, mindsets, tips and tricks that put the pizzazz back in mealtimes even with food limitations.

Article on the Healthy Kitchen Companion blog


Technique & Know-How

Build cooking confidence and comfort

Celebrate the Season

Autumn Harvest Eggplant Salad

Get a taste of our hands-on, practical classes. This mini-session that addresses a common problem:  Chicken breasts are a great low-fat protein, but they can taste like shoe leather if not cooked right.  Discover 7 easy steps for tender, moist chicken–and even cook along with me in your kitchen and have a yummy, 100% healthy meal in just 25 minutes!


Healthy Comfort Food

Irish Colcannon

There’s nothing like potatoes for comfort food, and with this recipe, you can have your comfort without sacrificing health.  This traditional Irish potato dish is given a nutrition boost with a hearty dose of kale.  Butter and onion are all that’s needed for flavor.  And be sure to see the easy creative ways to make use of leftovers! 

Recipe Friends

Guiding you to new, healthier meal making

Start making yummy dinners–right in class!

Make it easy to make good meals, all the time

How to Cook Healthy Meals

Without Really Cooking

A 5 x 35 Mini-Workshop (online)

Cook Happy|Live Healthy

Online course with video, audio, guidebooks

Kitchen Camps

(for big people!)

Intimate, in-depth classes,  

live in my kitchen  

One-on-One Private Coaching

Meal making support tailored to your needs

Go for a meal-making breakthrough

Healthy Cooking Without Cooking Cook Happy | Live Healthy Healthy Cooking Camps

Supportive Mindsets

New, nurturing ways to view cooking and

 the kitchen

Feel Like You’re in a “Pressure Cooker” at Mealtimes?

“Good to better continuum” relieves pressure to achieve absolute “rightness” in cooking

“Maybe cooking was never meant to be an exact science, subject to one-dimensional assessment on a good/bad scale.  Instead, cooking is first and foremost an avenue for making food edible and then, pleasurable.  The object is to simply do the best job possible, with the food gifted us, to make meals that nourish and nurture.”

How Good Imagination Leads to Healthy Eating

It’s tough to adopt a new lifestyle if you can’t at least hold it in your imagination

“Did you made any good eating resolutions at the beginning of the year–or anytime this year? Would you like to end the year having actually taken significant steps toward a lifestyle of wholesome eating?  Then commit to use your imagination more.  Read more about the thinking behind this improbable connection . . . 

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