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 Big Picture Nutrition

Seeing the forest despite the trees

"I think I'm eating healthy.  I eat wheat germ and that's supposed to be healthy, right?"  So asked Betsy, with no small amount of uncertainty in her voice.    

Let me ask you:  

What if you could know for sure whether you're eating healthy or not?  

What if there was a sensible, easy-to-understand way to know what's healthy?   

What if you didn't have to try keeping up with the latest food fads and celebrity foods?  

What if you could see the whole big, beautiful nutritional forest–instead of being overwhelmed by "tree" after "tree" of nutritional details?

What if healthy eating were actually a lot easier than you think?

Discover "Big Picture Nutrition" and be treated to all these happy discoveries. Don’t let your good eating hopes be defeated by confusion about what's healthy and what's not.


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Big Picture Nutrition

Nicolett is a Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach, Eating Psychology Teacher and Nutritional Therapist & Counselor. Born in England and raised in Germany, she possesses a broad based understanding and appreciation for food culture principles, particularly in areas of whole foods and nutritional, healthy eating approaches.  She is trained in a wide range of healthcare modalities from body psychotherapy, hypnosis, and nutrition and eating psychology to mind-body nutrition and metabolic balance and passionately brings them all together in her private practice.  Visit her at NicolettMiller.com

Let's see . . .  is it wheat germ that's healthy now . . . or eating a cup of berries a day like I read in the Sunday paper. . . but what about my friend who drinks that kombucha stuff all day . . . I just wish chocolate would circle back again (!)

Don’t be held hostage to the latest food fad or scientific study.  

Nicolett Miller

Mary Collette Rogers

Since experiencing a family health crisis 25 years ago--and recovering through the simple but powerful elixir of a healthy diet--Mary has been dedicated to sharing practical tools and skills that make healthy cooking and eating doable in our hectic modern lives.  With a keen focus on action over talk, she has developed products from software to books to online courses, and has been a coach, speaker and cooking instructor for both individuals and corporate wellness programs.  Her experiences cooking, listening, coaching and brainstorming with hundreds and hundreds of home cooks are the basis for the Cook Happy | Live Healthy online course for mealtime transformation.


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