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Home Strategy 2 –Cooking Time Management  for Fast Meal Making

Strategy 1–The Healthy Cooking Building Blocks

Learn the basic healthy cooking techniques, then mix and match to make hundreds of tasty, nurturing meals

Know what you'll be making and have recipes and ingredients at the ready

Strategy 3–Tasty Vegetable Know-How

Get friendly with vegetables and use generously for health-giving meals

The Getting Started 1 Module contains three classes.  Each class touches on most or all of the 6 Essential Strategies for making healthy meals you love.  This arrangement allows you to develop all six of these critical strategies in tandem:

Classes are divided into segments to match the 6 Essential Ingredients.  Listen to the segments all together or in smaller bites to suit your time availability.  

Listen on the go!  Many segments are audio recordings so you can load them onto your iPod or mobile device.    

Class 1:  Introduction to The Cook Happy Way

Class 2:  Take the Mystery out of Healthy Cooking and Eating

Getting Started 1 Moduleoooooooooo      

Healthy Eating Simplified:  How Can You Tell if You're Eating Well?  

How Healthy Eating Is Easier Than You Think with The Simple Prescription for Good Eating  

Class 2 explained why eating in tune with nature's wisdom is the easiest way to eat healthfully.  Put that idea into action with the five easy, practical guidelines of the Simple Prescription for Good Eating (33-min. video slide show)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:  How Healthy Meal Making Can Be Easier Than You Think--Part 2

Two More Simplifying Strategies to Take the Stress from Everyday Cooking

Break free of the 4-Recipe Rut and make cooking interesting and successful with the second and third simplifying strategies:  1)  Take the time and focus some attention on learning the basic building blocks of healthy cooking; and 2) Get in the recipe-reading habit  (25-min. video slide show or podcast with handouts)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:  How to Sauté

8 Simple Steps to Flavor-Rich Food

Sautéing is a "mother" cooking technique.  Get comfortable with just this one building block and you'll have all the skill needed to make hundreds of different recipes--plus it's an easy hop and skip to stir-frying, braising, browning and searing  (28-min. cooking video)   

Healthy & Friendly Kitchen:  How to Buy a Good Knife

It's not a stretch to connect healthy eating to having a good knife.  Before buying this critical piece of equipment, however, review the knife-buying basics, along with helpful tips and pointers to make your purchase a successful one  (PDF Reference Guide)

Tasty Vegetable Know-How:  Cooking with Greens--Spinach and Chard

Get to know two of the superfood greens so you can begin using them and reaping their powerful nutrition benefits.  Six mini-segments share everything to get you started, from buying to storing, prepping, cooking and seasoning (5 live videos, ranging from 2 to 29 min. each)

Cooking Time Management:  Taste the Joy of Planning

The Step-by-Step Fundamentals for Planning Healthy Meals You Love

Class 2 shared the incredibly helpful Think Ahead Habit.  Here's your chance to start thinking ahead and being proactive with the quintessential think ahead habit:  meal planning, the foundation for easeful, successful meal making.  Once you've had a chance to plan a few meals, check out the finer points and additional tips in this add-on handout:  12 Tips to Make Planning More Efficient, Easeful and Effective (33-min. video slide show + 2 PDF Reference Guides)        

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:  Quick Chard and Chorizo Skillet Cooking Demo

The Exciting Segment:  Hope in a Stovetop Skillet

In this, the hopeful segment, see how all the pieces from previous segments come together to make a lifestyle of healthy meal making entirely doable for ordinary home cooks.  And discover skillets, the busy home cook’s answer for quick and healthy meals with great taste and variety    (51-min. cooking video)

Cooking Time Management:  Buying Chorizo and White Beans

Healthy Shopping Buying Guide

Chorizo is the central flavor figure in the Chard and Chorizo Skillet.  Learn about chorizo and how to buy a healthy one that can adequately carry the dish--and what to do if you can't find it at your grocery store.  Also learn what to consider when buying canned and dried beans (PDF Reference Guide)

Class 3:  Making Healthy Meals Ever More Manageable for Busy Cooks

Healthy Eating Simplified:  How Can You Tell If You’re Eating Well  

Eating well was meant to be easy—and delicious and fun!  Discover how to make healthy eating choices with ease and confidence by following the simple wisdom of nature  (45-min. video slide show or podcast with handouts)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:  How Healthy Meal Making Can Be Easier Than You Think–Part 1

Simplifying Strategies to Take the Stress from Everyday Cooking

Learn the first of three Cook Happy strategies to simplify healthy cooking:  boiling down everyday cooking to just 4 basic moving parts.  "Seeing" a recipe as just a composite of 4 basic parts replaces mystery with manageability (22-min. video slide show or podcast with handouts)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:   Cooking Demonstration–Tuscan Spinach and Chickpea Soup

Cook along with Mary Collette as she demonstrates a 100% healthy dish that’s super simple–and super delicious, too. Lots of tips and tricks to make cooking easy for  anyone.  Experienced cooks will appreciate a great, go-to recipes for nights when things are crazy busy  (40-min. live video)

New Kitchen Thinking:   Shifting to a Proactive Perspective

How Would It Feel to Be On Top of Meal Making--Instead of Scrambling to Keep Up from Behind?

A proactive perspective is key to maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle, but it’s challenging to put into practice. Explore what keeps us trapped in a reactive mindset and take the first steps toward being proactive around mealtimes (30 min. audio with handouts)

Cooking Time Management:  Cure Grocery Store Misery with List-Making Magic

Survive the Grocery Store with Less Angst and More Accuracy and Efficiency

A typical grocery store contains over 30,000 products, most unhealthy.  Learn how list-making magic leaves you prepared and empowered instead of unarmed and defenseless against this unwholesome onslaught (17 min. audio with handouts + Interactive Questionnaire)

Tasty Vegetable Know How:   The Easiest Way to Get Your 5-A-Day

Time-Saving Vegetable Options

Would you love to be eating your 5-A-Day like the experts advise, but can’t find the time?  Then it’s time to discover good-tasting and good-for-you convenience vegetables--frozen, canned, dried and pre-cut  (PDF Guide)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:   How to Chop Onions and Garlic, the Flavor Foundations for 90% of Recipes

Replace Aggravation with Ease and Efficiency

Onion and garlic are flavor foundations and key components of most healthy dishes.  Follow along as Mary demonstrates how to smoothly and efficiently chop onions and garlic and replace aggravation with ease and efficiency (32 min. video)   

Welcome to the Cook Happy | Live Healthy Program

A little on Mary Collette's background, plus why she's excited about the Cook Happy program and the “potential to soar” that comes with the online class format (8-min. video)

New Kitchen Thinking:  What Good Cooks Do That Struggling Cooks Don't

All about the foundations for the Cook Happy program:  The 60/40 Secret and the 6 Essential Ingredients–keys to help you stop struggling and get comfortable making healthy meals you love (25-min. video slide show)

New Kitchen Thinking:  Life as a Struggling Cook . . .  and How I Made It to Cooking Paradise

Mary Collette did her time as a struggling cook, but discovered a way out of kitchen purgatory and into “meal making paradise.”  Find out how you can do it, too. (40-min. video slide show)

Healthy Cooking Building Blocks:  Lemon Garlic Spinach/Community Cooking Teleclass

Cook along with Mary as she guides you through a simple recipe for Lemon Garlic Spinach–no prior cooking skills required! (20-min. recorded cooking-in-community teleclass)

Class 1 Wrap-up:  How to Make the Most of the Cook Happy | Live Healthy Program

Changes in your mealtimes won't happen without you!  Three things you can do to get the most from this program:  Get Clear, Get Moving, and Trust and Allow (40-min. recording of live, interactive talk)

Strategy 4–Healthy Eating Simplified

Know what healthy meals look like--and that they’re a lot easier to make than you think

Strategy 5–New Kitchen Thinking

Explore breakthrough perspectives that get your head behind your actions

Strategy 6–Healthy & Friendly Kitchen

Create a supportive workspace–your ally on the healthy eating journey


Course Overview

7 slide show videos

10 live cooking videos


5 audios and audio options

with handouts

Dozens of helpful handouts and recipes + interactive questionnaires

5 Reference guides and infographics

Plenty of inspiration to make those deliciously healthful meals you crave