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Cook Happy | Live Healthy Online Program

The first self-help program for busy people who want to experience meal time transformation:  from boring, not-so-healthy and not-that-tasty to fresh, fun and delicious.  Online classes guide you, step by step, to a life-long, life-style of healthy meal making and eating.  

Community Cooking Teleclasses

How about some company while you make dinner?  It’s so much more fun cooking with a group than being holed up alone in your kitchen!  As an added bonus, you’ll learn some new and different dishes plus cooking skills to save time and make healthier and tastier meals.   So pop in your headphones and dial in for a cooking class right in your home, right as you’re cooking dinner!    

Cooking Get Togethers

A great way to spend time with friends, family and neighbors: cooking, learning about and eating delightfully healthy food together.  Host a cooking get-together at your home, office or organization and enjoy a unique and memorable time.  We make it easy by planning the event with you, organizing the recipes and food, coordinating the show and helping everyone join in the cooking fun. Guests enjoy learning, tasting and sharing a delicious meal with old friends and new.  

One-on-One Coaching

Would you be more successful achieving your meal making and eating goals with some personalized coaching?  Mary can work by phone or in person with motivation to get started and accountability to stay on track. From private cooking instruction to meal planning, kitchen organizing and sanity-saving shopping tips, Mary can help with whatever meal making obstacles you face. An excellent way to get started for anyone feeling unsure and hesitant about the kitchen; then follow up with one of our other programs. Read more about coaching on our sister site.  Contact us to schedule one or more sessions.      

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