Diet Hopes Day 35, Barrier #6: Backsliding

The Fine Line Between Realistic Goal Adjustments–and Plain Old Flaking Out

What if I can’t keep up?

Is that fear lurking in the shadows whenever you get up the courage to try some new habit?  “Will I just end up failing and kick myself for even trying?”

These fears sure cropped up for me as I faced one barrier after another in my quest to first break free of one unhelpful habit (drinking commercial nut milk with all its additives) and to then replace it with a healthier one (making my own, additive-free nut milk.)

Even after overcoming the five big barriers shared in the previous posts, Doubt lingered:  Could I stay motivated to sustain my new milk making habit?  Or would I eventually fall off the wagon?

As it turns out, I did indeed “fall off the wagon,” technically speaking. Within a couple months, I was unable to make all my own almond milk and had to rely partially on store bought.

Just as I was winding up to demand more and better of myself, however, I had a helpful realization.  What if the scope of my goal was the problem, more than a lack of determination and discipline on my part?  What if it was simply unrealistic to set a goal of making all of my own almond milk?

When I set that goal, I didn’t know just how much almond meal the process produced.  But I soon discovered the problem–and how hard it was to keep up with all the leftover pulp.  What’s more, there are extra-busy times in my life where milk-making just can’t be squeezed in.

So I made a “Reality Goal Adjustment.”  Realistically, I couldn’t make all my own almond milk right off the bat.  So I revised my goal to instead make half of my own almond milk.  Even at 50%,  I’ll still be way ahead of where I was–and I wouldn’t waste almond meal or stress myself out trying to make my own milk 100% of the time.

Of course a little voice inside nagged at me.  “You’re just making excuses and flaking out.”  There is indeed a fine line between being realistic and making excuses.

What do you think–did I make a realistic goal adjustment or really just flake out?  I’d love to hear your opinion.  Just leave a comment below–but don’t be too harsh!

And what about you and your resolutions?  Do you need to make any Reality Goal Adjustments–and do you feel they are justified or just excuses?

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