Our Readers Ask: If I’m Vegetarian, What Foods Can I Eat for Protein?

A quick search on “vegetarian sources of protein” pulls up a number of listings (“Top 17,” Top 26,” etc.)  And each of those listings identify a different and random assortment of protein sources–which can make it confusing to keep track of them and, more importantly, to remember them when hurrying to put a meal together. … Read more

Diet Hopes Day 35, Barrier #6: Backsliding

The Fine Line Between Realistic Goal Adjustments–and Plain Old Flaking Out What if I can’t keep up? Is that fear lurking in the shadows whenever you get up the courage to try some new habit?  “Will I just end up failing and kick myself for even trying?” These fears sure cropped up for me as … Read more

Recipe: Quick Kale Huevos

June can be frustrating for seasonal eaters in Colorado. We’re ready for the riotous color of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant but our gardens and markets are filled with greens that can withstand our unpredictable, often brutal springs. So in the vein of making lemonade with life’s lemons, here’s a quick idea to make flavorful use of kale–or chard or spinach.