Turnips, Kohlrabi, Radishes and Other Odd Vegetables

The Key to Survival:  Odd Vegetables? Last week, we got kohlrabi in our CSA boxes for a second time in a row. Chatting with a fellow CSA* member she complained, “Why did we get kohlrabi again? Can’t they just give us vegetables we know?” Our personal vegetable kingdoms are frequently divided between “vegetables we know” … Read more

The Beauty of Relishes

Could relish-making be the key for busy people who want nutritious meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen? Time to move it from quaint and old-fashioned and into the category of vital skills for healthy eaters.

Q & A: How to Heat Oil for Sauteing

Kitchen Tip (+ a Little Kitchen Wisdom) At a recent Cooking Get Together we were preparing to saute onions for a healthy risotto.  As always, the recipe said, “heat oil until hot but not smoking.”  That directive led one of the participants to ask: Q.  When heating oil to saute, do you heat the pan … Read more

Building Your “Tasting Muscles”–and Putting Them to Good Use

The ill consequences of our couch potato culture aren’t limited to flabby abs and saggy triceps. All the homogenized foods that comprise the bulk of our diet have gradually eroded our “tasting muscles,” too, making it harder to enjoy and be satisfied with foods we feel good about eating.

Bad Boy Bacon VS. The Cheese Danish

What a way to stir up controversy, angst and anxiety:  At a health fair last week, we demonstrated Spinach Sauteed with Pears and Bacon.  Yes, you read that right.  We made a dish featuring none other than bad boy bacon.  Not turkey bacon, not a vegetarian imitation, not a special lean variety, just good old … Read more

Processed Foods: The Good, the Bad and When to Break the Rules

If there’s a reliable dietary culprit, “processed food” would be it. In fact, “processed foods” has become practically synonymous with bad-for-you food. However, most of the foods we eat are “processed,” subjected to some kind of “process” from simple cooking, grinding and fermenting to complex hydrogenating, modifying and refining. So in a practical sense, how do we implement the experts’ advice to eliminate processed foods? Instead of an either/or definition, I use the far more helpful “Tree to Test Tube Continuum” to sort out good from bad and when it’s OK to break the rules.

Bits & Pieces Cooking: An Evening with Eugenia Bone

What un-bored home cooks know that bored cooks don’t, is that some of the best flavor in the kitchen comes from leftover bits and pieces, the kind that most people would pitch. Discover some ideas for “bits & pieces” cooking.