Our Readers Ask: If I’m Vegetarian, What Foods Can I Eat for Protein?

A quick search on “vegetarian sources of protein” pulls up a number of listings (“Top 17,” Top 26,” etc.)  And each of those listings identify a different and random assortment of protein sources–which can make it confusing to keep track of them and, more importantly, to remember them when hurrying to put a meal together. … Read more…

Spinning Leftovers for a Week of Dinners—plus a Lunch

Leftovers are a common problem for solo cooks. Not just extra servings of a dish, but also all the vegetables, seasonings, meat, rice, and other ingredients left over from making the dish. See how those left overs can be turned from problems to possibilities.

The Whole Kitchen Way to Wholesome Meals

It’s a mystery: How can we have good recipes, but they don’t show up on the table? Maybe because we are playing the game with only a half (or quarter) of the kitchen, not a Whole Kitchen. Find out what you might be missing.

Don’t Blame the Vegetables!

They’re Not at Fault for Rotting in the Frig ‘Tis the season of vegetable abundance, and with it comes worry about refrigerator rot as we begin loading up  (and over-loading ) on the fabulous produce coming to market.  As some people joke, don’t let your produce become expensive compost. Anytime I talk about buying and … Read more…

Vegetable Exhaustion

Ever suffer from vegetable-making exhaustion and wonder if there’s any hope for a peaceful coexistence with vegetables? “Investment thinking” may be your ticket for hope.

What’s for Dinner on Hot Summer Nights?

When the weather turns hot, deciding what’s for dinner can leave you feeling completely cold and clueless. The problem may lie less with the weather and more with our mealtime “wardrobe.” Find out how to add a little “summer style” to make your mealtime lineup more appealing when the hot weather rolls in.

Putting the Comfort and Joy Back Into Holiday Meals

Isn’t it amazing how the holidays bring out the worst in us—especially family gatherings? No wonder they make such perfect fodder for movies! In the spirit of happier and saner holiday gatherings, here are some secrets (seven, to be exact) for toning down the stress around one of the biggest stressors of all: holiday meal making.