CSAs: Sign Up Now for Great Produce, Good Meat

“Think Ahead” That’s the key to reaping the benefits of a CSA. You will be hungry this summer and autumn, just like you are every day. That won’t change. What can change is thinking ahead now and ordering a CSA. Each week, you’ll have a magnificent box of produce and clean meat. Then, when you’re hungry, you’ll fill yourself up with real food that nourishes and nurtures, i.e., what you really want to be eating.

Imagine Your Way to a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Super Foods can sound like a great idea–but when it’s 5:30 and you’re starved, fast, convenient, cheap processed foods beat them to the table. Ready for a winning strategy for Super Foods? Start with your imagination.

Kitchen Tip: Making Produce Safe to Eat

Just about the time salmonella and E. coli fade from the headlines, it seems like some new contamination case surfaces, putting us right back on edge about the safety of our food. Learn the simplest and most effective way reduce and even eliminate contamination on produce.

How to Make Healthy, Whole Grain Breadcrumbs

Transform throw away crusts into kitchen gold. How to make your own breadcrumbs for a healthier, lower cost alternative to store-bought crumbs–and save the environment while you’re at it!

How to Bread Fish, Meat and Vegetables

One building block cooking technique, dozens of dishes Here at EveryDay Good Eating, we like to take the mystery out of cooking.  We believe everyone can make–and deserves to enjoy–deliciously healthful food, everyday.  That’s why we teach basic, building block cooking techniques that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of dishes.  … Read more

Q & A: How to Heat Oil for Sauteing

Kitchen Tip (+ a Little Kitchen Wisdom) At a recent Cooking Get Together we were preparing to saute onions for a healthy risotto.  As always, the recipe said, “heat oil until hot but not smoking.”  That directive led one of the participants to ask: Q.  When heating oil to saute, do you heat the pan … Read more

Building Your “Tasting Muscles”–and Putting Them to Good Use

The ill consequences of our couch potato culture aren’t limited to flabby abs and saggy triceps. All the homogenized foods that comprise the bulk of our diet have gradually eroded our “tasting muscles,” too, making it harder to enjoy and be satisfied with foods we feel good about eating.

Diet Season Is Coming! Plan Now for After the Diet

By definition, a “diet” is an interlude of eating differently than normal, and at some point, that interlude has to end. Since we know that’s the ending to every diet story, why not plan for a good exit strategy? What will eating look like for the rest of your life, once your diet interlude it over?