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You’re in the right place if the meals showing up on your table aren’t the kind of meals you want to be eating.  If you’re ready to heal the disconnect between what shows up on the table and the meals you really want to be eating, the key lies in transforming the way you go about making meals.

  • What habits and routines are blocking you from getting the results you want?
  • What skills and tools are you missing?
  • What mindsets are getting in the way?

You can absolutely join the ranks of those ordinary home cooks who regularly get good meals on the table, simply by “being new” in the kitchen.  That’s the only thing that separates you from them.

My KitchenSmart Solution® is the step by step formula for becoming new in the kitchen.  Join me on this blog and in my classes and programs to discover the “new and improved” KitchenSmart® habits, skills, tools and routines that open the door to more effectiveness, more success, less stress and hassle, and a lot more fun in the kitchen.

What is the KitchenSmart Solution® ?

It’s an integrated, holistic approach to meal making.  Learn the six Essential Strategies that work together–like pieces of a puzzle–to take the stress, struggle and frustration out of meal making.  See how to put the Essential Strategies into place in your kitchen.  Watch how meal making becomes manageable, successful and even fun!  And then enjoy getting meals on the table that meet your healthy eating goals–and taste great, too.

Essential Strategy 1–Have Clarity Around Healthy Eating

Know what’s healthy and what’s not?  It’s easier than you think!

Essential Strategy 2:  Manage Your Life and Time for Cooking Ease and Speed

Know what you’ll be making each day? Have everything you need?

Essential Strategy 3–Get Vegetable-Friendly

Know how to use veggies in delicious and generous ways?

Essential Strategy 4–Create a Healthy & Friendly Kitchen

Is your kitchen set up to be a supportive and powerful ally?

Essential Strategy 5–Get Your Head Behind Your Actions

Know the breakthrough mindsets that accelerate cooking success?

Essential Strategy 6–Learn the Healthy Cooking Building Blocks

Have the basic techniques to cook capably and confidently?


Which of the 6 Essential Strategies are you missing?  Whether you’re missing just one–or all–my blog posts are organized on the left by Essential Strategy so you can quickly find solutions and encouragement.  And in case you’re interested, here’s more about our unique KitchenSmart Solution®

My hopes for this blog:

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Educate  The KitchenSmart® approach to meal making may not be familiar.  My posts will help build your understanding of this concept and how it may apply to–and improve–meal making in your kitchen.

Excite  Everyone who joins our community receives 4 Free Tools to get started on the journey to  healthier meal making and eating.  But then what?  How can you stay motivated to keep learning and growing?  Our classes and this blog will help inspire and excite you to continue on and reap the amazing benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle.  (Get your 4 Free Tools!)

Empower  Imagine feeling empowered to control your health destiny!  What if achieving good health isn’t something mysterious that puts you at the mercy of high-priced pharmaceuticals and the medical industry.  What if, instead, you could control your own health by transforming the meals you make and eat?  My classes and this blog will empower you to believe in–and pursue–this kind of world.

Community  For the journey ahead, there’s nothing like knowing you’re not alone.  Feel free to share you insights and challenges in the comment section below–and offer answers and encouragement where you can.

Welcome again and always feel free to email with any insights or questions you may have.  Now check out my latest posts.



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