Diet Hopes Day 1, Barrier #1: Getting Out of the Starting Gate: Do I Really Want to Bother?

Step 1–Getting My Head Behind My Actions Ever made a good eating intention and then, not too long afterwards, come to the sudden realization that you’ve forgotten all about it?! For example, let’s say it’s lunchtime, you’re on the road going from here to there, and you’re starving.   Naturally, you pull into the drive-through restaurant … Read more

New Year’s Resolutions Gone by the Wayside? Don’t Worry . . . .

September Is the Best Month to “Plant” Good Eating Resolutions It’s nine months since New Year’s.  How are those resolutions going?  Can you even remember them? Statistically, there’s a good chance they’ve slipped your mind.  Maybe being reminded of them even feels a bit uncomfortable.  I’m always a little embarrassed that so many of my … Read more