Diet Hopes Day 15, Barrier #5: Using Up Leftover Almond Meal: Banana Muffins and Healthy Brownies

Tasty Waste Not-Want Not Strategies + Where Is This Story Going? Two weeks into my almond milk experiment I came to an uncomfortable realization:  Making my own nut milk was producing a lot of food waste!  I want to tell you more about why this is a problem and how brownies and banana muffins came … Read more

Diet Hopes Day 10, Barrier #4: What If I Don’t Like My Healthier Almond Milk?

Hopeful news and tips for dealing with uncooperative taste buds The last two posts described how I successfully battled Recipe Frustration and Cooking Tedium.  As I did so and, bit by bit, improved my milk-making process, I became ever more confident and comfortable that I could weave it into my food life pretty easily.  Mission … Read more

Diet Hopes Day 1, Barrier #1: Getting Out of the Starting Gate: Do I Really Want to Bother?

Step 1–Getting My Head Behind My Actions Ever made a good eating intention and then, not too long afterwards, come to the sudden realization that you’ve forgotten all about it?! For example, let’s say it’s lunchtime, you’re on the road going from here to there, and you’re starving.   Naturally, you pull into the drive-through restaurant … Read more