Building Your “Tasting Muscles”–and Putting Them to Good Use

The ill consequences of our couch potato culture aren’t limited to flabby abs and saggy triceps. All the homogenized foods that comprise the bulk of our diet have gradually eroded our “tasting muscles,” too, making it harder to enjoy and be satisfied with foods we feel good about eating.

Diet Season Is Coming! Plan Now for After the Diet

By definition, a “diet” is an interlude of eating differently than normal, and at some point, that interlude has to end. Since we know that’s the ending to every diet story, why not plan for a good exit strategy? What will eating look like for the rest of your life, once your diet interlude it over?

Women, Weight and Protein

Did you know there’s a connection between what’s in your pantry and what’s on your thighs? It’s true, so pay attention to this often overlooked part of the kitchen–not only to what’s there, but also to what’s not there–like high-quality canned chicken that can stave off a hunger attack in a hurry.

Hooray! You’re Not Stuck with the Taste Buds You Got

In the battle against the bulge, the tiny taste bud is a formidable foe, defeating us in all sorts of ways. We may feel forever enslaved to their despotic whims, but I’ve come to a more hopeful view: We’re not stuck with our current taste buds. It is entirely possible to transform them from foe to friend.

Summer Refreshment: Cure for the Mid-Afternoon Doldrums

It’s 3:00. The vending machine is calling, or maybe the doughnuts left over in the break room. You know it’s suicidal to indulge those cravings, but work is so boring and you’re so tired and . . . Maybe more than sugar and calories, you need refreshment—as in something cool, revitalizing and calming, like Iced Green Tea.

Fox 31 Holiday Cooking Series: Light Orange Waldorf Spinach Salad

Calories and fat add up over a holiday meal at an alarming rate, not unlike the cash register when you’re buying Christmas gifts. That’s why it pays to plan a little calorie relief into your holiday meals. Find out why this lightened recipe fits the bill