Recipe: Slow Cooker Kohlrabi Gratin

Cooking vegetables gratin-style is a delicious option–in the winter. Because a gratin is baked an hour or so, it’s tough to even think about making one in the heat of summer. Hence the slow cooker version in this recipe. Of course in cooler weather, you can also bake this dish at 350 (F) for an … Read more…

Recipe: Summer Vegetable Skillet with Peanut Sauce

What’s your go-to meal for something fast, healthy and yummy? For me, it’s skillet dishes, hands down. Learn to make one and you can vary it a hundred ways, never have to struggle through a recipe, and almost invariably end up with a darn tasty meal.

How to Make Healthy, Whole Grain Breadcrumbs

Transform throw away crusts into kitchen gold. How to make your own breadcrumbs for a healthier, lower cost alternative to store-bought crumbs–and save the environment while you’re at it!

How to Bread Fish, Meat and Vegetables

One building block cooking technique, dozens of dishes Here at EveryDay Good Eating, we like to take the mystery out of cooking.  We believe everyone can make–and deserves to enjoy–deliciously healthful food, everyday.  That’s why we teach basic, building block cooking techniques that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of dishes.  … Read more…

Q & A: How to Heat Oil for Sauteing

Kitchen Tip (+ a Little Kitchen Wisdom) At a recent Cooking Get Together we were preparing to saute onions for a healthy risotto.  As always, the recipe said, “heat oil until hot but not smoking.”  That directive led one of the participants to ask: Q.  When heating oil to saute, do you heat the pan … Read more…

Autumn Eating: Wilted Salad Recipe with Cool Weather Mizuna

A perfect salad to accommodate autumn’s in-between weather and use up the last of summer’s goodies with some of the cooler weather crops now coming in. Find out about mizuna, stir-frying monster cucumbers and how to wilt a salad.