Affordable Organics?

Think organics are too expensive? Try this on for size: What if, every time you purchased an organic vegetable, you actually got not just one but two or three vegetables? No doubt that would make the economic equation a lot more attractive.

Recipe: Beef and Onion Saute with Rhubarb Gratin

Discover the Savory Side of Rhubarb Accustomed to seeing rhubarb in fruit desserts, it may come as a surprise to learn that it is actually a vegetable.  This is good news, however, as it presents a whole raft of additional uses for this exotically red food that is so abundant in spring when the foodscape … Read more…

Why We Love Seasonal Eating

Mealtimes that are easier tastier and more fun Seasonal eating gets a lot of press these days.  Usually it’s in the context of eating locally, since the two go hand in hand.  Sometimes it’s in the context of saving money, since seasonal produce is  less expensive than produce grown in greenhouses or shipped from different … Read more…

Looking for a Quick Lunch?

When a dish comes out well, I like to think it’s due to my brilliance as a cook. But more often than not, good, carefully selected ingredients are the true stars. This recipe is a perfect example of one that’s all about the ingredients. No cooking skill required.

Frozen Veggies Can Be As (or More) Nutritious Than Fresh

While the word is getting out about frozen vegetables, let me repeat the key points about why frozen vegetables don’t deserve the bad rap they are often saddled with.

Using Frozen Veggies: Creamy Gingered Peas and White Fish

Yesterday’s post offered advice for dealing with “vegetable exhaustion:”  Take a break every now and then by using frozen vegetables, which require little to no prep time.  Here’s a great, “take-a-break” one dish meal, made easy with not only frozen peas, but also a convenient frozen fish fillet. Creamy Gingered Peas and White Fish 2 … Read more…

Vegetable Exhaustion? Take a Break with Frozen or Pre-Cut Veggies

Even the best among us need a break sometimes. When you hit a vegetable prepping wall, don’t beat yourself up. Take a break instead and come back refreshed and ready to take full advantage of the summer harvest.

Nurture Your Vegetables . . . So They Can Nurture You

We hear a lot about how vegetables nurture us. But did you know that it works the other way, too? Nurture vegetables and they can do a better job of nurturing and nourishing us.

Don’t Blame the Vegetables!

They’re Not at Fault for Rotting in the Frig ‘Tis the season of vegetable abundance, and with it comes worry about refrigerator rot as we begin loading up  (and over-loading ) on the fabulous produce coming to market.  As some people joke, don’t let your produce become expensive compost. Anytime I talk about buying and … Read more…