Hooray! You’re Not Stuck with the Taste Buds You Got

In the battle against the bulge, the tiny taste bud is a formidable foe, defeating us in all sorts of ways. We may feel forever enslaved to their despotic whims, but I’ve come to a more hopeful view: We’re not stuck with our current taste buds. It is entirely possible to transform them from foe to friend.

The “Good to Better Cooking Continuum” at 11,000 Feet

Maybe cooking was never meant to be an exact science, subject to one-dimensional assessment on a good/bad scale. Taking this perspective eliminates the pressure to achieve absolute “rightness” in the kitchen, replacing it with a no-pressure opportunity to just make things better.

Mutant Produce Now Comes Complete with Stickers

Do you remember when you could buy a pear, wash it, then eat it?  Not anymore.  Mad scientists have successfully hybridized every last produce species.  Shortly after harvest, fruits and vegetables now develop a brightly colored, impossibly sticky scab on the outer skin.  Being highly toxic, the scab must be removed before eating, presenting consumers … Read more…

Food Safety: Why Don’t We Just Eat Peanut Butter?

With yet another food scare, maybe it’s time to start relying on our own wits to ensure the safety of what goes in our mouths. Here are some quick guidelines to begin regaining a sense of control and comfort when it comes to eating.

Cooking Fear? Part 4

Yesterday’s post talked about relaxing our expectations. That can be hard to do on a jam-packed schedule. One thing that can help: Limiting our exposure to things that fan the flames of panic. Seeing a whole pile of recipes clipped from the newspaper, for example, . . .

Cooking Fear? Part 2

There’s good evidence that the food world is spiraling into the stratosphere of perfectionism and complexity: Consider the sheer amount of cooking information we’re exposed to: dozens of food shows and entire food networks, hundreds of internet sites devoted to cooking and recipes, . . .