Diet Hopes Day 15, Barrier #5: Using Up Leftover Almond Meal: Banana Muffins and Healthy Brownies

Tasty Waste Not-Want Not Strategies + Where Is This Story Going? Two weeks into my almond milk experiment I came to an uncomfortable realization:  Making my own nut milk was producing a lot of food waste!  I want to tell you more about why this is a problem and how brownies and banana muffins came … Read more

Recipe: Gluten Free, Almost Paleo Banana Bread

Note:  This recipe is part of a series on making your good eating resolutions come true.  A few months ago, I resolved to make my own almond milk so I didn’t have to drink the additives in store-bought almond milk.  While you can learn a lot about how to make almond milk from this series, … Read more